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FAQ’s Chatswood

Do you have any specialists in your Chatswood clinic?

No. However we do have a team of highly skilled and capable general dentists who between them, have decades of experience. This enables them to carry out many of the latest orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments, enabling you to get the treatment you need, without paying ‘specialist’ prices.

Why should I choose No Gaps, over another Chatswood dental centre?

Firstly, we already see over 83,000 happy patients every year across our 15 locations, so we really are a trusted brand.

Secondly, because our Chatswood dental clinic is part of a multi-location dental group, we’re able to keep our prices low, even for more complex treatments.

Finally, we offer convenience. The convenience to get the treatments and services you need under one roof, the convenience of timely appointments when you need them, and the convenience of having no out of pocket expenses on certain treatments when covered by private health insurance.

You mention state-of-the-art technology – how does this help me?

Our dentist in Chatswood invests in some of the latest technology to make treatments more comfortable, more convenient and in many instances quicker for patients. These include technology such as CAD/CAM design and manufacture for same day crowns, inlays and onlays. Some of the latest digital scanners for instant diagnosis and impression taking – similar to those used in other orthodontists in Chatswood. Patients can also benefit from advanced technology in the form of sedation dentistry, to make patients feel comfortable and at ease during treatments.

Do you assist with kids’ first dental visits at your Chatswood clinic?

We certainly do! As an empathetic Chatswood dentist we understand the importance of a first impression and how that can impact on a young child. For this reason we go out of our way to ensure your child is both happy and comfortable when under our care.

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