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Braces Before And After – Expectations From Treatment

According to sources, there are around 300,000 Australians currently wearing braces with 25% of those being of adult age (over the age of 19). For these people, the thought of a straighter healthier smile, a better bite, and less chance of decay, gum disease, and tooth erosion are reason enough to undergo this treatment. But what about those who have yet to make up their mind or have yet to take the plunge? When it comes to braces before and after, what can you expect? Let’s take a closer look…

Orthodontic Braces Treatment

You’ll have a wide choice

In this modern age, when it comes to orthodontic braces treatment, the world is your oyster! Unlike several decades ago when the only choice available was clunky train track style tooth braces which did nothing for a person’s self-esteem, nowadays the choice is wide and varied.

Braces are both smaller, lightweight, and way more discreet than ever before and while metal braces are still commonly used, they can be jazzed up with funky colours making them appear contemporary and cool.

If bold and vibrant isn’t your thing and instead you are seeking something more discreet, then why not opt for ceramic braces with tooth-coloured archwires. Alternatively, if you’re after something truly invisible then lingual braces are placed behind the teeth rather than on the front, thus remaining out of sight.

Finally, there are clear aligners. They do away with fixed brackets and wiring altogether in favour of a series of removable inserts that resemble a mouth guard.

For those wanting a quick fix solution, how about accelerated braces treatments like Six Month Smiles or C-Fast? They focus on the cosmetic movement of one or several teeth and as such, have the ability to move teeth in as little as a few months.

On the whole, there are braces to suit every person and every need.

You can expect an in-depth consultation

braces treatment braces before and after no gaps dental sydney

Of course, to help you make that choice you first need to visit your dentist for an in-depth consultation. During this process, the dentist will take x-rays of your current smile and closely examine your existing bite. They will then talk to you about the kind of braces available for your situation (not every brace is right for every condition) and together with your input, will make a decision based on your needs, requirements, and budget.

The dentist will also be available to answer any questions or concerns you have about your teeth, before and after braces so that you’ll be better informed to make a final decision.

A long-term fix for a better smile

On average, patients can expect to wear their orthodontic appliances for around 18 months. Although in some cases (particularly those seeking simple cosmetic changes) this timescale will be shorter. During this time, patients can expect to visit the dentist several times, either to adjust their braces as the teeth move, or (in the case of clear aligners) to check progress.

While it may seem like a long time, the difference between braces before and after can be huge. Many dental websites have examples of real patient cases with before, during, and after photos, so if you are still a little sceptical, it’s worth seeking them out and taking a look for yourself.

You can expect some slight discomfort

While braces or aligners won’t hurt at all when applied to the teeth, patients should expect some mild discomfort when the initial force is applied. Typically this lasts for a few days only and can usually be brought under control with over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol or Advil. Any slight discomfort is perfectly natural and is a sign that your teeth are moving and that the process is working.

Expect a confidence boost

While not everyone needs improved self-confidence, many people choose to hide their smile before having braces. On the contrary, when your orthodontic appliance of choice has done its job, you’ll probably want to show off your straighter, healthier smile rather than hide it away. You should also find that many of the problems that poorly aligned teeth caused like jaw pain, wear and tear, and difficulty in chewing are now much improved. Such is the difference that braces before and after can make.

Expect to wear a retainer after braces treatment

Many people assume that once their teeth braces have run their course, then that’s it. Unfortunately, once braces or clear aligners are removed, it’s very easy for the newly-positioned teeth to slip back to their previous location. For this reason, orthodontics patients can expect to wear a discreet retainer for at least several months to prevent any lapse in treatment. However, in many cases, this may be longer.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about getting teeth braces. Before and after results show that they really do work, so if you are considering the prospect of undergoing braces treatment, why not come and talk to the team at No Gaps Dental

As a multi-location dental group, we provide affordable orthodontic braces treatment for all ages. Call us on 02 8007 6727 to find out more.

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