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Cosmetic Dental Crowns: Discover How They Can Transform Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are rising in popularity these days because how they can upgrade your smile and do wonders to your appearance and self-esteem. Among these treatments are cosmetic dental crowns.


If you’re considering getting a cosmetic dental crown, you may want to read further! Here we have compiled a short guide on everything to know about cosmetic dental crowns, including how they are done and how to take care of them.


What is a dental crown?


When you have a tooth with extensive decay or damage, it becomes brittle and extremely fragile, so you can expect it to crumble when you bite down on food. It also stands out when you smile, and it’s not for a good reason. This is where dental crowns come in


A dental crown is a tooth cap placed on top of a weak tooth. Its functions are to:


  • protect the tooth
  • prevent further damage and possible tooth loss
  • restore its appearance and enhance your smile
  • help with everyday functions such as biting and chewing


What about cosmetic dental crowns?


Dental crowns can be made using several materials such as metal, gold, and porcelain. These have their pros and cons. For instance, gold dental crowns are known for their reliable strength and longevity. Meanwhile, metal crowns have outstanding durability and, when mixed with porcelain, provide excellent functional and aesthetic properties.

However, gold and metal do not blend with the tooth, so they are not entirely appealing to look at when you smile. This is the advantage of cosmetic dental crowns over other materials as they are made from metal-free, tooth-coloured, porcelain or ceramic material that blends seamlessly into the smile. So when it comes to restoring a tooth that is visible when you smile, cosmetic dental crowns are best recommended.

But of course, it is best to talk to your dentist, who will recommend the type of dental crown most suitable for you because it will always be different with every patient.


Why choose cosmetic dental crowns?


The main benefit of cosmetic dental crowns is their exceptional aesthetics that mimic the natural tooth. Porcelain and ceramic possess similar translucent properties to tooth enamel, enabling light to reflect against its surface, giving it a more lifelike appearance. With this restoration, you won’t even look like you have a dental crown on, making it perfect for the front teeth because it blends beautifully with your smile.

And with a beautiful smile comes with many benefits such as improved self-confidence, increased success, and generally a healthier and happier you!

Another advantage is that allergic reactions such as gum inflammation are avoided because the crown is metal-free. The material is highly biocompatible, so it is generally safer for you.

Modern cosmetic dental crowns are robust and durable so that you can bite comfortably and confidently. However, they are not recommended for the back teeth because of heavier chewing forces that may fracture your crown.


Traditional cosmetic dental crowns


All porcelain and ceramic dental crowns are made the same way as other crowns. After grinding down the tooth to make space for the dental crown, the dentist will take an impression of the mouth and send the mould to the laboratory. Some time is needed for laboratory manufacture, so you will be fitted with a temporary crown in the interim to protect the tooth.


Once the crown is back with the clinic, it’s time to fit it. The dentist will try it on you for size and fit and make any minor adjustments before polishing and bonding it onto your tooth. The process takes a while, but the results are definitely worth the wait!


Same-day CEREC dental crowns


While lab-manufactured cosmetic dental crowns take at least two weeks to complete, our in-house CEREC system and milling machine can do the job in a single dental visit. We can design, create, and place your dental crown within a few hours on the same day.

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) uses sophisticated technology to 3D scan your teeth, design your dental crown, and mill the final restoration. Then, the crown will be fitted and polished before we cement it in place. Easy, right?


Here are some of the other advantages of CEREC dental crowns that benefit patients:

  • no need for messy and inaccurate teeth impressions
  • carried out with pinpoint accuracy, with less human intervention
  • convenient and comfortable for the patient
  • excellent durability and is resistant to abrasion
  • zero wait time, no temporary crowns for a more efficient treatment


Taking care of your cosmetic dental crown


The best advice we can give when it comes to maintaining your crown is to take care of it as you would with the rest of your teeth. Practice good oral hygiene and remember to floss. Also, schedule your regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning for upkeep so problems are diagnosed and treated early. Follow this advice, and you can expect your dental crown to last many years


Are cosmetic dental crowns for you?


If you want to get your front teeth restored with dental crowns, consider getting all-porcelain or all-ceramic crowns. These are discreet restorations that will keep your smile beautiful and healthy.

But of course, this is a treatment that may not suit you. At No Gaps Dental, you can trust our reliable dentists to recommend the most effective treatment plan. We have several treatment modalities and a broad range of options that we will gladly discuss with you.

Now that we have talked about cosmetic dental crowns, our team at No Gaps Dental is awaiting your call! We are a team that will help you achieve your smile goals. Just call us on 02 8007 6727 or book your visit online.




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