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Crack Tooth Repair ─ Knowing Your Treatment Options

2021 is the year of the chipped or cracked tooth. As per the President of the Victorian Branch of the Australian Dental Association, Jeremy Sternson, there is a steady and overwhelming increase in patients who visit the dentist with cracked teeth.

If you are one of these patients, the good news is there are many options for crack tooth repair! Read along to learn about a cracked tooth – how it happens, the usual symptoms, and the best treatment option such as dental crowns.


What is a cracked tooth?

Did you know that a cracked tooth is the third leading cause of tooth loss? A cracked tooth or cracked tooth syndrome is when a crack appears on any part of the tooth that may cause it to break or split. Sometimes it is small and harmless, and other times it can cause severe pain.


What are the causes of a cracked tooth?

  • blunt force directed at the tooth
  • biting down on hard foods
  • pressure from teeth grinding or dental trauma
  • abrupt temperature changes in the mouth
  • dental fillings performed on a weak tooth with extensive decay or fracture
  • age, as the tooth enamel naturally weakens overtime


Cracked teeth – Types and symptoms

Cracks on the tooth may manifest in many ways. Some are visible, while some can only be identified through innovative diagnostic tests such as transillumination and magnification. These “hidden” cracks are mostly asymptomatic. But if there are any symptoms at all, they include: dental crowns cracked tooth sydney

  • pain when chewing or biting
  • sensitivity to heat, cold, or sweetness
  • erratic pain of unknown origin
  • swelling and redness of the gums around the affected tooth

Severe cracked tooth symptoms include fever which arises because of infection.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best to schedule a visit with your dentist so they can provide crack tooth repair to help you avoid complications.


What are crack tooth repair treatments?

Repairing a cracked tooth focuses on restoring the aesthetics and function of your tooth to avoid further damage and possible tooth extraction. Treatments range from simple tooth bonding to more complex dental crowns depending on the severity of your case.



Tooth bonding

This is the quickest and easiest crack tooth repair. Dental bonding uses tooth-coloured composite resin skillfully moulded to blend seamlessly on the tooth’s surface to conceal the crack. The dentist will restore your tooth to its natural beauty with great attention to detail.

However, this treatment is not recommended for a  cracked tooth with a larger surface area because it is more prone to fracture due to compromised tooth strength. In such cases, it is best to consider a dental crown.


Dental crowns

A more substantial restoration is needed for a large tooth crack to protect the already weak tooth, restore its structural integrity, and rejuvenate its appearance. For that, No Gaps Dental recommends dental crowns. This is the best treatment for badly cracked teeth because it will completely cap the tooth for a fully functional and aesthetic restoration.

For traditional dental crowns, a minimum of 2 appointments are needed. First, our dentist will prepare your tooth and make a mould for laboratory processing. Then, a few days to a week is required to create the dental crown. We will place a temporary crown to prevent the crack from getting worse during this waiting time.

When your dental crown is ready, you will be called back to the clinic, where we carry out any adjustments to the fit and appearance. Once everything looks good, we will place the crown, and you can finally enjoy your brand new smile!

Patients can opt for a porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-porcelain dental crown at No Gaps Dental. 


One-day CEREC dental crowns

If you do prefer not to wait, we have the perfect solution. Our modern One-Day CEREC dental crowns allow us to complete your treatment in one visit. This is possible because of computer-aided design, where we will digitally scan your mouth, design your dental crown, and, finally, construct it using our in-house milling machine.

tooth crowns for cracked teeth sydneyImagine walking in with a cracked tooth and leaving the clinic with a brand new crown the very same day.

Patients love this dental crown treatment for many reasons, such as the ability to preview the results before starting the treatment. CEREC dental crowns are also known for their excellent aesthetic properties that make them look beautifully natural. They are metal-free, made totally from ceramic, and resistant to abrasion. A CEREC dental crown is strong and durable and according to a study cited in 2008, the survival rate of CEREC restorations was 94.7% after 5 years and 85.7% after 10 years.


Root canal treatment

Root canal therapy is the go-to treatment for a cracked tooth that extends to the tooth’s pulp and when signs of dental infection such as a tooth abscess are present. A root canal eliminates and prevents reinfection by removing the diseased pulp, cleaning,  disinfecting and sealing the inside of the tooth with a filling. Once the tooth has been returned to good health, the treatment is completed with a dental crown to provide extra strength and protection.


Tooth extraction

If all else fails, your dentist will have to recommend a tooth extraction. This is the last thing dentists want to do, so we always emphasise preventative dental care such as getting regular dental check-ups and practising good oral hygiene. These habits go a long way to preventing dental issues and tooth loss.


Do you have a cracked tooth?

No Gaps Dental provides a wide range of treatment options for crack tooth repair, and our experienced dentists will make sure your tooth remains healthy and functional. Schedule a No Gaps dentist near you today and find out the best treatment plan for you. Call today on (02) 8806 0227.





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