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Dental Implants Thailand – Points Needed To Consider

There’s no getting away from the fact that when it comes to dental implants, Thailand offers ‘would be’ patients some of the most attractive and cost-effective solutions available. When Australians typically pay 3 times more for the equivalent treatment back home, it’s no wonder that over 15,000 of us flock to places like Phuket, Chang Mai, and Bangkok every single year in search of discounted dental procedures.

But is it always the best option?

Dental tourism (as it is so-called) is understandably appealing on many levels. After all, who wouldn’t want to save money on their dental treatment and take in plenty of sun, sea, and sand where they can recover in an idyllic environment.

Back home in Australia, it’s estimated that around half the population don’t have significant medical insurance covering anything other than basic dental work; and it’s thought that three in every ten people avoid a trip to the dentist because of cost. All of this makes the allure of dental tourism incredibly appealing.

That said, before you rush off and start planning your trip, there are some important points you really should consider…

dental implant procedure dental implants thailand procedure no gaps dental sydneyThings can and do go wrong

The majority of people who visit other countries for dental work do so because they need extensive treatments that would otherwise be costly in Australia. The problem is that things can and do go wrong – just as they can when you undergo dental treatment here in Australia. The difference is that if you undergo a treatment such as dental implants in Thailand, it may be very difficult to seek recompense if problems occur 6-12 or 18 months down the line.

Whereas if the same problems occurred back home, it’s far easier to speak to the dentist who initially treated you to get it sorted out.

Timing issues

Many people who travel abroad for dental treatment do so to have multiple procedures. Often treatments like implant-based restorations and root canal therapy should ideally be carried out over several visits spanning weeks and/or months. This gives both teeth and gums sufficient time to recover. Trying to fit say a complex dental implant procedure into what is often a typical vacation window, can heighten the risk of complications.


While it’s fair to say that there are highly skilled dentists in places like Thailand, just as there are equally bad dentists here in Australia, dentists who operate on Australian soil must at least do so in a strictly regulated environment. This is in terms of who is allowed to undertake what treatments, but also with regards to stringent infection control. Unfortunately, not all countries are regulated to the same standards and in relatively invasive procedures such as multiple dental implants in Thailand per se, the risk of infection can be far greater.

No follow up

All dental implants require some sort of periodic follow up to ensure continued health. However, because of the distance involved, any (adequate) follow-up rarely happens. Therefore, because of the time restrictions, dental implants placed during a 2-week dental vacation, fail more often because problems are only noticed (usually by your dentist back here in Australia) when it’s too late.

Adverse consequences

While many people experience successful dental trips abroad, when a dental implant fails, the emotional, physical, and financial toll on the patient can be devastating. Often corrective treatment and the added expense incurred could well be just the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Jaw bone infection, jaw fracture, and even blood-borne diseases are all possible (and highly risky) outcomes.

While it seems like we’re painting a pretty grim picture of dental tourism, we’re not suggesting that you shouldn’t go at all costs. Instead, if you are swayed by the cost of say dental implants in Thailand it pays to look at the bigger picture, including the increased risks involved before you jump on the first available flight.

With this in mind…

What can be done for me here in Sydney If I can’t afford expensive dental implant treatment?

Options vary on a case-by-case basis but can involve:

  • Undergoing some of the reconstructive treatment in a hospital setting which may be covered by medical insurance
  • Visiting an academic institution where residents or students undertake supervised treatment – This is usually offered at a significantly reduced price
  • Visiting a dentist who offers flexible payment plans – Paying for dental implant treatment over several months is an affordable way for many people to get the treatment they need or want.

In truth, the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true” usually holds a lot of water, so do your homework before you commit. Talk to trusted dentists in Sydney first before you make a hasty decision that could have a detrimental effect on your ongoing health and life!

When it comes to important decisions like dental implants, Thailand and other destinations like Bali, India, and Malaysia win the battle of price hands down. However, if you have weighed up the risks and are considering undergoing an implant-based restoration locally, then why not contact the team at No Gaps Dental.

With 15 convenient locations based in and around the Sydney Metro area, we’re able to offer great prices on many treatments and services including dental implants. Call us on (02) 8007 6727 to find out more.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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