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Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal – Know What The Procedure Involves

Has your dentist recommended emergency wisdom tooth removal? Then you might be wondering what the wisdom tooth removal procedure involves. Wisdom teeth, or third molar extraction is a common procedure performed by dentists at No Gaps Dental.


What is a Wisdom Tooth?

Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to appear in your mouth. Some wisdom teeth get stuck below the surface of the gums or grow at an odd angle, causing discomfort and other oral complications.

Often, the best treatment is emergency wisdom tooth removal, a surgical procedure that extracts the problem tooth to relieve discomfort and prevent future oral health problems.


alternatives emergency wisdom tooth removal sydneyWhy Emergency Extraction?

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache, extraction may be the only way to relieve the pain. A wisdom tooth infection could also compromise the rest of your oral health if the infection spreads or abscesses.

If your dentist identifies problems with your wisdom teeth that must be addressed immediately, you may need an emergency extraction.


What is Involved in Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Emergency wisdom tooth removal involves an initial consultation, which will include an x-ray, to ensure wisdom tooth extraction is the best course of treatment.

Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common dental emergencies. The procedure requires lifting the gum around the tooth before extracting the wisdom tooth.

When you undergo the surgery, you will be given several sedation options, including inhalation sedation. Inhalation sedation involves inhaling nitrous oxide, otherwise known as ‘laughing gas’. Millions of patients have successfully undergone wisdom tooth extraction using inhalation sedation.

This sedation technique allows you to remain conscious without experiencing pain during the procedure. You won’t need to follow a pre-sedation diet or plan a ride home after the surgery, as you will be able to drive yourself home.

Additionally, your dentist will administer topical sedation around your tooth to numb the area. Then your dentist will start the procedure, making a small incision, if necessary, to free the wisdom tooth from the gums and enable easier extraction.


Emergency Dental Care with Intravenous Sedation

For some dental emergencies, including emergency wisdom tooth removal, your dentist might offer intravenous sedation. If you suffer from dental phobia, you should talk to your dentist about intravenous sedation.

Having emergency dental care under intravenous sedation reduces your anxiety prior to treatment. A local anaesthetic is then administered to numb the wisdom tooth area. Then, your dentist will start the procedure.

Intravenous sedation can help you relax, but it does have a number of side effects, including sleepiness and forgetfulness. After treatment under intravenous sedation, you will be sent to a recovery room that you won’t be allowed to leave until you’ve been checked over by your dentist or dental nurse.

You also won’t be allowed to drive afterwards, so remember to arrange transport home before your appointment.

After having intravenous sedation for emergency wisdom tooth removal, don’t return to work until the following day, attempt to cook, drink alcohol, smoke, take sleeping pills, or be solely responsible for children and other dependents.


Is There an Alternative to Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Your dentist will typically recommend wisdom tooth removal when no other emergency dental care options are available. If you have a wisdom tooth that’s causing pain, extraction is usually the best form of treatment, as it will relieve your long-term discomfort and prevent future complications.

However, for wisdom teeth-related dental emergencies, alternative treatments to extraction are available. Your dentist might suggest a root canal or a coronectomy if it’s possible to preserve your wisdom teeth.

A coronectomy involves removing a wisdom tooth’s crown, leaving the root intact, to reduce the chances of damaging nerves surrounding the tooth.

Should you choose an alternative option to emergency wisdom tooth removal, your dentist will likely advise that you make more frequent dental check-ups to prevent tartar build-up around the tooth.


qualified emergency wisdom tooth removal sydneyEmergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Aftercare

After you’ve had a wisdom tooth extracted, aftercare is important. It’s advised not to eat or drink for a few hours to give the affected area time to settle. Based on your pre-existing medical conditions, your dentist may recommend specific medications to aid the healing process and reduce pain.

To avoid a condition known as dry socket, which is when the gum near the extracted wisdom tooth doesn’t heal correctly, dentists recommend that you don’t drink from a straw, spit, or sneeze for a minimum of 24 hours.

After treatment for dental emergencies, such as tooth extraction, your dentist will schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure your gums in the area of removal are healing.


Is Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Right For You?

Impacted wisdom teeth, those trapped below the gumline or growing at odd angles, often need to be removed because they cause pain and can damage surrounding teeth. Left untreated, a wisdom tooth can become infected, cause tooth decay and cysts.

Ten million wisdom teeth are extracted every year when they become dental emergencies. Some dentists recommend wisdom tooth extraction for healthy teeth to avoid future complications.

If your dentist recommends a proactive wisdom tooth extraction, you won’t need emergency dental care. Instead, you can book an appointment that suits you and have the procedure when it is convenient. It may save you stress and discomfort down the road to have a wisdom tooth extracted before it can cause serious problems by crowding your other teeth or harbouring an infection.


Choose No Gaps Dental For Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

No Gaps Dental offers some of the most affordable prices for dental emergencies, including wisdom tooth removal in Sydney. We’ll talk you through the wisdom teeth removal process step-by-step to ensure your comfort before, during and after the procedure.

Use our online booking service to book your appointment for an emergency wisdom tooth removal at any of our locations. Contact No Gaps Dental at (02) 8806 0181 for emergency dental care in Sydney.



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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