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How to Fill A Gap In Your Teeth With A Dental Crown?

Are you wondering how to fill a gap in your teeth? If you have more space than usual between two or more of your teeth, you have what dentists refer to as spacing issues or gap teeth. Gapped teeth are pretty commonplace, especially between the two front teeth. But did you know that some people (women in particular) consider them a fashion trend?  

While it’s well and good to flaunt gapped teeth, not everyone is happy to do so, and sometimes they can be problematic. 

It may be that you dislike their appearance, or food tends to get trapped, causing problems with your gums. 

process how to fill a gap in your teeth sydneyGapped teeth can create pockets between the gums and the teeth where food gets stuck. Your gums will likely feel sore and tender, and gum disease may develop.  Fortunately, you don’t have to live with gapped teeth. There are several treatments we can use to fix gapped teeth that provide both aesthetic and health benefits. 

Besides wearing braces, our dentists can correct a gap between your teeth with restorative treatments such as porcelain veneers, composite bonding and dental crowns. A dentist can also fix larger spaces between teeth with bridgework or dental implants. 

In this article, we talk about using dental crowns to correct gaps in the teeth. 


How to fill a gap in your teeth with a dental crown?

Dental crowns are a popular treatment because they boast many benefits that fix all kinds of dental problems. 

One of the main reasons for using a dental crown is to fill excess space between teeth. Having a space or gap between the teeth can make a person feel self-conscious and lower their self-esteem. By restoring your teeth with dental crowns, we can quickly lift your spirits and get you smiling once more. 


So, what are dental crowns?

A dental crown is essentially a fixed custom-made prosthetic to restore a damaged or misshapen tooth to its original shape and size. Dental crowns also provide a permanent solution, which is why so many people gravitate towards this treatment option.

When properly placed by a dentist, a dental crown will envelop the portion of the gapped tooth where the covering sits just above the gum line. Besides helping to fix the spacing of the teeth, a dental crown explicitly covers individual teeth. Dental crowns can also restore teeth that are cracked or broken, preventing further damage. 


Benefits of a dental crown 

When our dentist uses a dental crown to correct spaces or gaps between your teeth, it improves your bite functionality. 

Did you know that excessive spacing between your teeth can cause biting issues since the teeth are not correctly aligned? 

When your teeth are correctly aligned, you will be able to chew food more efficiently, and swallowing and digestion will be much smoother. 

Because a crown is custom-made, your dentist can recommend various materials depending on its location in the mouth. The most popular dental crown materials include ceramic, composite resin and porcelain. One of the best things about dental crowns is that they can be matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth and adjusted to fit your natural gum line, so they blend in seamlessly. No one would ever know that you had undergone dental work unless they asked. 


The process of closing a gap 

options how to fill a gap in your teeth sydneyMedical professionals refer to a gap or space in the teeth as a diastema, although it commonly refers to a space between the upper two front teeth. Regarding closing a tooth gap, the idea is that the dental crowns for the two teeth framing the area are considerably broader, filling the void when positioned over the teeth. 

It’s essential to note that before moving ahead with a dental crown procedure, your surrounding gums and teeth need to be healthy and free from disease or other issues. If you have any signs of tartar or gum disease, these periodontal issues will need to be taken care of before addressing the gaps in your teeth. 


Are you ready to improve your smile?

When a tooth gap is left untreated, further issues such as TMJ disorder or teeth shifting can occur. By closing the gaps in between your teeth, you are restoring the structure of your mouth. Whether the spaces are big or small dental crowns can be a step in the right direction.  

Now you know how to fill a gap in your teeth with a dental crown, you may be interested to know that we offer the latest same-day CEREC crowns. 


What exactly are CEREC crowns?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC for short, is a relatively new form of dentistry, allowing dentists to produce exceptionally natural-looking crowns to give patients even better results. 

Thanks to CEREC, the process of getting dental crowns is the fastest it has ever been. Whereas conventional crowns can take several weeks and multiple visits to complete, CEREC crowns are designed, made, and fitted in a single visit to our dentist.

Utilising CAD/CAM technology and state of the art on-site milling equipment, patients are guaranteed a speedy bespoke dental crown while they wait. 

If you need a dental crown or crowns, No Gaps Dental is here to assist. Why not call us on (02) 8806 0227 or use our online booking service to schedule an appointment. If you prefer, we also give patients the option of a conventional dental crown. 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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