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is dental implant painful sydney

Is Dental Implant Painful? Few Key Factors You Should Know

Although advancements in dental technology and dental technique have come a long way in recent years there are still plenty of individuals who experience dental fear or anxiety before visiting the dentist. Perhaps they have had a bad experience in the past or perhaps they feel as if getting dental work done will cause discomfort. 

With this in mind, one key question a patient will ask when considering tooth implants is …

“Is a dental implant painful?”  

A short answer is that ‘it depends’ but that doesn’t really tell you a great deal about your specific circumstances so let’s elaborate further, starting with dental implant surgery


Dental implant surgery – How comfortable is it?

For dental implants to work, they need to be placed (implanted) into the jawbone at the missing tooth site. So you could be forgiven for thinking that this is an uncomfortable or painful experience.

ways is dental implant painful sydneyThe reality is that the exact opposite is usually true. Patients undergoing dental implants are often quite surprised at just how quick and easy the process is. Because the latest conscious sedation techniques are often used, in most cases patients don’t even realise that their dental implants have been placed.

This is particularly true in cases of digital (computer-guided) dental implants where dental implant surgery typically takes under 20 minutes to complete. This is because most of the work is meticulously carried out beforehand using computer-guided assimilation. So when it comes to the surgical part of the process, all the dentist has to do is to drill a small pilot hole through the gum and into the jaw, insert the implant into it and fasten it down into the jawbone.

Ultimately, with the right technique, technology and sedation, patients should find this part of the procedure comfortable with the majority feeling no pain at all. 

Moreover, our team here at No Gaps Dental pay particular attention to hygiene and cleanliness within our practices for your health and wellbeing including frequent use of hand sanitiser to protect against airborne diseases, infections or pathogens. 


So what about afterwards? Is a dental implant painful then?

Once any anaesthetic has worn off a patient should not feel any dental implant pain per se. They may, however, feel some slight discomfort for a few days after dental implant surgery because it’s highly likely that the missing tooth site will have been pulled around. 

Any discomfort usually manifests itself in the form of swelling and bruising (although not always) in and around the implant site. This is perfectly normal and is a sign of the healing after-effects of the dental implant procedure itself. 

Typically, any pain or discomfort felt should be minimal and can normally be kept under control using over-the-counter pain medications. Usually, within a few days, patients can continue with their normal daily routines, although they may want to avoid strenuous exercise for a while longer. 


When is a dental implant painful

There are times when dental implants can and do cause discomfort. If, for example, you have had a dental implant procedure involving multiple dental implants, then it’s understandable that your jaw is likely to feel sore. However, any pain should still subside relatively quickly after the event.

Alternatively, if dental pain worsens or continues beyond 7 days then you should know that this is not normal and instead, you should contact your implant dentist who will investigate. 

Other times when a dental implant procedure may be painful or slightly uncomfortable is during bone grafting or sinus lifting. Sometimes these processes are necessary before a dental implant can be placed. 

A sinus cavity may need to be lifted to avoid being perforated by the implant when inserted into the upper jaw. Alternatively, a patient may not currently have sufficient bone to accommodate one or more dental implants and therefore a bone grafting procedure will need to be carried out to build up the bone at the missing tooth site. 


A word about Infections

comfort is dental implant painful sydneyWhen dental implants are first placed, they can be prone to infection particularly when insufficient care is taken to keep the dental implant site and surrounding area clean. When bacteria gets into the area surrounding a newly placed implant then it may cause painful swelling and discomfort. It can even end in the demise of an implant as it fails to fully integrate into the mouth. 

If you start to notice any reddening or swelling of the jaw area or are in any way concerned about your dental implants then it’s always best to seek out a second (expert) opinion. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know in answer to the question “is a dental implant painful.”   


Nervous patients welcome

Here at our 15 No Gaps Dental clinics we warmly welcome nervous or anxious patients. We want to assure patients that not only do we use the latest techniques to assist nervous patients but we are Covid safe. We have an abundant supply of hand sanitiser to ensure both patients and staff are protected during these trying times and incorporate hand sanitiser into our daily health and safety routines.  

If you are considering dental implants but are worried about the costs involved or indeed any discomfort, then come and allay your fears to us. During a consultation, we will show you what we do and how we help nervous patients to get the dental implants treatment they deserve in the best and most comfortable way possible.  

Contact a No Gaps clinic of your choice today and book yourself a no-obligation consultation. Patients can either phone directly on (02) 8806 0227 or they can schedule an appointment online  



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. 

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