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Struggling To Find The Right Newtown Dentist? Consider Nearby No Gaps Dental Instead!

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

Are you new to the area but can’t find a dentist in Newtown who matches both your needs and budget? If this is the case then you might want to consider No Gaps Dental. 

As a multi-location dental group, we offer Newtown residents the choice of 15 locations situated in and around the Sydney Metro area – 3 of which are within a 20-minute drive from the 2042 postcode. Our Sydney Haymarket and Sydney Wynyard clinics are right in the heart of the CBD and are 11 and 16 minutes’ drive respectively. 

Between them, our clinics offer Newtown residents everything they can expect from a localised practice providing contemporary Newtown dental care and probably more besides.

With this in mind, why would a Newtown resident who has more than one Newtown dental clinic in the immediate vicinity bother to drive even the short distance to our No Gaps Dental practices for treatment?

We make getting treatments easy

Let’s say you have a niggling toothache that has been going on a little too long and you now feel that it’s about time you addressed the problem. You contact a dentist in Newtown and find out that they are either fully booked or can’t give you an appointment at a time that works for you. Does this ring any bells?

On the contrary, because No Gaps Dental has multiple locations, many are within easy reach of the suburb of Newtown. This allows you – with the help of our centralised online booking system – to make an appointment at any location, and at a time of your choosing.

So if you happen to be working in the CBD, for example, our Haymarket and Wynyard dental centres are just a stone’s throw away. Alternatively, if you are making the journey inland, then why not tie it in with a visit to our Parramatta clinic. Either way, we make it easy for local residents to receive the Newtown dental care they need, at a place and time that suits them. 

We offer affordable dentistry without compromise

Whether you opt for localised Newtown dental care, or indeed dental treatment elsewhere, if you are after quality dentistry, it’s likely to be expensive. Why? Because a single location dentist in Newtown may find it hard to offer lower prices without cutting back on quality.

With No Gaps Dental, however, we can afford to absorb some of the costs and offer more competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Add to this our No Gaps guarantee and we feel that we’ve got that balance right!

Newtown residents seeking family-focused dentistry at No Gaps can expect the latest technology including 

  • CAD/CAM CEREC restorations (6 locations)
  • 3D CBCT Scanning (Bondi Junction)
  • State-of-the-art treatment rooms

This is in addition to

  • The latest sedation dentistry for nervous or anxious patients
  • Top brand dental implants including Osstem and Straumann
  • Innovative pinhole periodontal surgery (Bondi Junction dental clinic and Brookvale dental clinic)
  • Modern and safe chairside and take-home teeth whitening near Newtown so you don’t have to visit a cosmetic dentist

Newtown residents should know that we also offer modern orthodontics including discreet clear aligners for teens and adults so you don’t have to visit an orthodontist or pay specialist prices.

We’re a trusted brand

It can be difficult for any patient seeking out a Newtown dental clinic for the first time. Often local residents are taking a huge leap of faith. However, when you choose Nο Gaps Dental for your Newtown dental care, much of the uncertainty and risk is taken away. Why?

Because we currently serve over 83,000 patients per year across our 15 locations. That’s thousands of people every week who already put their trust in us. We’re a brand that you and your family can count on.

To find out more about the treatments and services we offer or about how we can become your chosen dentist in Newtown contact us on 02 8002 6727 to find out more. Alternatively, why not make an appointment at a clinic of your choice online. Isn’t it about time you discovered how Newtown dental care should be experienced!

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