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The Risks Of Choosing Porcelain Veneers In Thailand

Medical and dental tourism refers to travelling abroad to receive medical or dental care. Typically, those who participate in medical or dental tourism are seeking more affordable care than they might have access to in Australia.

Around 15,000 Australians travel overseas each year to receive cosmetic dental procedures, including porcelain veneers. However, while these patients may be saving on costs initially, the compromise in quality and dentistry standards might not be worth it.


Porcelain Veneers Thailand

Thailand is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Australians seeking dental tourism. Dental tourism sites advertise that Thailand offers high-quality dental procedures, including porcelain veneers, at a fraction of the cost of most Australian practices.

Initially, this sounds ideal, as Thailand is only a short trip from Australia and a beautiful place to spend a holiday while you recover from your dental procedure. However, the Australian Dental Association is asking people to reconsider pursuing dental care overseas and provides some risk factors to consider.


Porcelain Veneers Thailand – Cost Comparison

The cost of dental veneers in Australia depends on the type of material, either porcelain or composite and how many teeth require veneers. If you are opting for the porcelain veneers, it can cost upward of $1,900 dollars per tooth, and the composite veneers are around $800 per tooth.

In Thailand, composite veneers can cost from $250-300 per tooth, and porcelain veneers $350-$450. While this major difference in cost for dental veneers is probably appealing, there may be long-term consequences of getting a dental procedure in a country without strict dental regulations.

Also, does the cost include anaesthetic and follow-up care? You are also responsible for covering your transportation, food and lodging.


Risks Involved 

If you are considering travelling to Thailand for dental veneers, it is essential to know all the risk factors involved and consider each one carefully.

The language barrier can be an issue, especially if you experience dental anxiety or encounter any issues while in the surgery overseas.

dental veneers porcelain veneers thailand no gaps dental sydney

Dentistry in Australia is highly regulated and overseen. To become a reputable dentist, you must obtain the proper education and training, registration processes, and operate a dental practice that is up to determined sanitation codes.

While it is said that there are many good-quality dental clinics and hospitals available in  Thailand, it is hard to know whether they adhere to the same level of liability as dental professionals in Australia.

If you receive a dental procedure from a clinic in Thailand that has lower hygiene standards than Australia, you may be putting yourself at risk of exposure to bacteria or viruses from cross-contamination of dental equipment.

Having a medical procedure done in an unclean environment raises the risk of contracting antibiotic-resistant viruses, and bloodborne pathogens such as HIV or hepatitis B and C. The water used in procedures in other countries may also contain bacteria that can make you sick.

Additionally, the underlying reason for low costs for Thailand porcelain veneers may be that the dental staff are not as thoroughly trained in their practice. This raises the risk of poor workmanship, low-quality materials, and infection. Using poor materials also increases the risk of infection and needing additional dental work once you return to Australia.



Unless you are planning on a lengthy stay for your porcelain veneers, many of the potential complications may not arise until you return home. You will likely need to see a dentist in Australia to correct any issues, and this can be even more expensive than the initial cost of the porcelain veneers, especially if they used inferior materials.

One of the primary concerns regarding dental tourism is the lack of accountability.

If you receive dental care in a country outside of your own, and something goes wrong after you have already left that country, it may be challenging to receive follow-up care from the providing dental professional.

As a non-resident, it may be almost impossible for you to hold the practitioner accountable for any damages once you have left the country.


Cosmetic Dentistry at No Gaps Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry usually refers to any dental work that will improve the aesthetics and appearance of your teeth. The primary focus of cosmetic dentistry is an improvement in the appearance of the colour, position, size, shape, and overall alignment of your smile.

At No Gaps Dental, we are highly trained and skilled in general and cosmetic dentistry. We provide a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your best smile. Some of these procedures include whitening, prosthetics, and veneers.

Veneers are a cosmetic procedure that involves adhering a tooth-coloured material to the front of the tooth. They are used to correct gaps, discolourations, and misalignments in teeth. Each patient’s smile is unique and at No Gaps Dental, we ensure your veneers are customized to match your smile, complexion and personality. We focus on your facial aesthetics and even discuss potential future lip augmentation and other cosmetic procedures that may affect your smile going forward before making your bespoke veneers.


Choose Australia

Dental tourism sounds appealing, combining affordable dental work with a scenic holiday. However, trading in quality for affordability may have serious long-term repercussions.

In Australia, you receive dental care under the strict rules and regulations of the Dental Board of Australia.

To ensure the safety and health amongst patients and dental practitioners, Australia has regulated dental practices through legislation since 1887. It is considered one of the top countries in the world to receive dental care.


Final Thoughts

At No Gaps Dental, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality, effective, and affordable dentistry. If you are considering travelling abroad for a complex cosmetic dental procedure, call us first on (02) 8007 6727 for a complimentary smile makeover consultation. We will go over your options and determine the best treatment plan based on your unique smile.

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