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Professional Teeth Whitening Cost And Options – All You Need To Know

There’s no doubt that professional teeth whitening is the quickest and most effective way to brighten up a dull smile. Not only is it proven to work, but it’s safe, as whitening treatments are carried out under (or with) the supervision of a dental professional. Of course, professional teeth whitening cost can be pricey when compared to over-the-counter, do-it-yourself varieties but in all honesty, results tend to speak for themselves.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at both teeth whitening costs and options in more detail.

So what’s available?

In essence, although there are a variety of top brands all offering their own form of professional teeth whitening, there are really just two methods. These are:

  • Professional take-home kits and,
  • In-chair (or chairside) teeth whitening

Both teeth whitening options cost considerably more than the vast majority of the over-the-counter methods including toothpaste, gels, and pens, coming in at somewhere between $350 – $500 and $800 -$1200 respectively. So, for this reason, it’s important to know exactly what you’re buying into before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Firstly, teeth whitening take home kits…

These are not to be confused with over-the-counter DIY teeth whitening kits of the same name. Instead, these are kits that utilise special custom-made trays that are filled with a measured amount of bleaching agent (usually in the form of a gel) and worn over the teeth, either during the day or overnight for 10-14 days.

teeth whitening treatment teeth whitening cost no gaps dental sydney

It’s important to note that professional tooth whitening kits supplied by a dentist are allowed to contain more than 6% hydrogen peroxide – this is the chemical that whitens teeth. On the contrary, over-the-counter versions similar to the type sold in supermarkets have to (by law) contain considerably lower peroxide levels. Ultimately, this means that while some store-bought products may whiten teeth, they aren’t going to be anywhere near as effective as the kits supplied by your local dentist.

So how white will your teeth get with a professional take home kit?

Results will vary depending upon several factors but typically, you can expect your teeth to be anywhere between 3-8 shades lighter after treatment.

Now for in-chair/chairside teeth whitening

While professional take home kits can take a few weeks to achieve the desired results, many patients start to notice a difference with chairside teeth whitening in as little as 1 hour, although it can take several days to achieve its full effect.

This is because chairside treatments undertaken by a trained dentist will utilise products containing hydrogen peroxide levels of between 18% and 40%. This is a safe and acceptable level according to the Australian Dental Industry Association. However, it is stipulated that treatment of this nature should only ever be carried out by a qualified dental professional for obvious reasons.

So what does the teeth whitening process entail?

Firstly the teeth are cleaned to remove any debris, then the gums are covered leaving the teeth exposed. When the patient is comfortable, the dentist carefully applies the bleaching agent (usually in the form of a gel) to the teeth.

In some cases a light is applied to the surface of the teeth to activate the gel, however, this does depend upon the product used.

After 10-15 minutes the gel is rinsed off and the level of whiteness checked. More gel is then applied and the process is repeated until the desired levels of whiteness have been reached. Finally, after around 45 minutes, the gel is rinsed off for the last time and that’s it! A brighter whiter smile in as little as your lunch hour!

While the teeth whitening cost of this procedure can set you back $800 or more, many people find that the speedy and convenient treatment combined with the result is well worth the money.

Teeth Whitening Combination treatments

Unfortunately, despite how good chairside teeth whitening treatments are, they are unlikely to last forever. Typically patients can expect to get 6-12 months out of a treatment, but this may be longer of less, depending upon the type of foods and drinks consumed and whether the patient is a smoker.

For this reason, your dentist may suggest utilising take-home kits alongside chairside teeth whitening as a top-up, to ensure that your brighter, whiter smile lasts.

In terms of costs for both, most dentists will offer a package type deal, so it shouldn’t cost as much as paying for two separate whitening treatments.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know about professional teeth whitening cost and the procedures offered.

If you’re still trying to get your head around the fact that professional teeth whitening is hundreds of dollars more expensive than store bought products, then that’s because it’s one of the safest yet most effective forms of teeth whitening available. Instead, what you really should consider is what price you would put on a great looking, confidence-boosting smile?

If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening cost or you’re ready to take the plunge and brighten up your smile, come and talk to the team of No Gaps Dental in Chatswood. As a multi-location dental group, we provide affordable and convenient treatments for all. Call us on 02 8007 6727 or visit our website to book an appointment today!

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    Tayla Scarfe

    I’ve always wanted to get those pearly whites and I always fall for those over-the-counter marked ‘whitening’ and realizing later on that they’re all marketing because they really don’t whiten. Dental whitening procedures are indeed very effective since dentists use stronger methods, but that doesn’t mean you’ll instantly get that Hollywood smile as results will vary. I achieved my whitest teeth after 4 visits to my dentist. Now, I just have to make sure that my teeth stay white after the treatment.

  2. Reply
    Hayden Ding

    This is great! I didn’t know that it is possible to get professional teeth whitening at home with whitening kits. It is really convenient for me because I don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on every treatment per visit and dentist fees. Obviously, the whitening kits are less expensive and whitening teeth at home saves a lot of time. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Reply
    Harrison Kaeppel

    It’s no surprise that an in-office teeth whitening can be quite costly knowing that it works better than the other options. But it doesn’t work on everyone though. In my case, I have extremely sensitive teeth. So I prefer the take-home custom bleach trays in most situations. They allow more control of the bleaching, therefore, there’s less sensitivity and they’re cheaper too. You can ask your dentist about it.

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