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Restorative Dentistry Sydney

Restorative Dentistry

Do you have cracked, fractured, misshapen or discoloured teeth? No Gaps Dental offers a host of dental treatments that can restore health and beauty to your smile!

To book a consultation with one of our Restorative Dentists in Sydney, call No Gaps Dental at (02) 80076727.

Restorative dentistry is a broad category that dental professionals use to classify dental treatments designed to correct teeth that are decayed, damaged, misshapen or misaligned.

In the last decade or so, restorative dentistry has undergone sweeping changes. Rapid advances include the use of modern dental materials (stronger, more durable and aesthetically pleasing) as well as cutting edge innovations and clinical techniques.

Direct and Indirect Restorations

The two broad categories of Restorative Dentistry are: Direct and Indirect restorations.

The direct restorative method involves placing restorative material directly in the tooth itself while indirect restorations are typically prepared in a dental laboratory before they are placed in the patient’s mouth.

Direct restorative materials include dental amalgam, composite resins and glass ionomer cements. Materials used in the indirect process include porcelain, gold, and zirconia. Common direct restorative treatments include dental bonding and white fillings. Popular indirect procedures include dental veneers, crowns and bridges as well as inlays and outlays.

Popular Restorative Treatments

Here is a brief introduction to three of our most sought after Restorative Treatments:

Composite Fillings

The best way to treat a small cavity is to use a dental filling. In the past, the only option you had was the silver-coloured amalgam filling. While the old standard filling material did its job by being durable and effective, it was routinely criticised for its unattractive appearance. In recent years, the mercury composition of amalgam fillings has also been a subject of controversy involving a possible health risk.

At No Gaps Dental, you can opt for the more aesthetically pleasing tooth-coloured Composite Fillings. White fillings are more aesthetically pleasing as they blend in seamlessly with the rest of your natural teeth. Other attributes, as compared to amalgam fillings, include a less invasive filling technique and less teeth sensitivity

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants provide a permanent solution for your tooth loss condition. As one of the most prominent advances in modern dentistry, dental implants are known for offering the most stable and long-lasting teeth replacement options around.

Dental implants essentially consist of small titanium posts that are strategically placed into the patient’s jawbone to support prosthetic teeth – affixed to either a crown or denture. Not only do dental implants provide unprecedented stability and support for the prostheses, they actually look and feel like natural teeth. That means you can eat, drink, speak, chew, bite and slurp the same way as you would with healthy teeth!

Crown & Bridge

Crowns and bridges are important treatment options used to correct teeth that have been badly damaged by injury or disease. While a dental crown is used to repair a single tooth and restore its appearance and functions, a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Using tooth-coloured materials that are robust and durable, we offer a range of crowns and bridges to provide you natural-looking prosthetic solutions.

No Gaps Dental offers a range of restorative solutions to meet your dental needs – including dental implants and crowns & Bridges. To book an appointment, contact our Sydney Dental Clinic at (02) 80076727.

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