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Broken Teeth Causes and Treatment Solutions For You

While on the whole, teeth are pretty strong, they are not indestructible. Sometimes, a one-off incident like a fall or blow to the face can cause a tooth to chip, crack or break. Patients with a history of large dental fillings, tooth decay, and root canal treatment may also be more vulnerable to a fracture. 


Other causes of broken teeth include:

BruxismJaw clenching and teeth grinding can cause chipped or cracked teeth due to repetitive friction and stress. Since people often grind their teeth during sleep, many of them are unaware of the problem, causing ‘mystery’ cracks to appear in their teeth. While these cracks may start as minor, over time, they can become more significant and painful if the root cause isn’t identified. 

Hard foods Un-popped popcorn kernels, boiled sweets, stale bread and ice cubes are all common causes of broken teeth. It’s not difficult to bite into such food at just the right angle to trigger a fracture. Try to chew slowly and adopt a cautious approach to pitted foods to avoid this misfortune. 

causes tooth broken sydneyWeak teeth  Teeth weakened by tooth enamel erosion, long-term wear, or loss of natural tooth structure due to cavities and large fillings are more likely to crack. This is mainly due to the tooth structure’s inability to withstand the daily rigours of biting, crunching and chewing. Tooth fractures occur more easily when the structure is weak and can extend throughout the tooth. Eroded or weak tooth enamel can result from genetics as well as tooth grinding and digestive health conditions such as acid reflux. 

Extreme Temperature Changes Exposing the tooth enamel rapidly to extreme temperatures, such as biting an ice lolly after sipping piping hot tea, can lead to hairline cracks. This is caused by the enamel expanding and contracting during changes in temperature. If the enamel reacts too quickly, fractures may form, or existing cracks may get worse. 

Facial trauma – An accidental blow to the mouth can cause cracked teeth, fractures and other oral problems. Typically, these result from a vehicle accident, sports injury or unexpected fall. Unfortunately, fractures like these can involve other complications such as a dislodged or knocked-out tooth which is classed as a dental emergency. 

Age tooth enamel thins with age, and teeth become weaker with a lifetime of use, making them more susceptible to injury. This is why people over 50 tend to experience cracked teeth more frequently. According to your dentist’s recommendation, worn-down enamel should be repaired or restored to help avoid cracks. 

So now you know more about broken teeth causes, let’s look at what’s involved with a broken tooth. 



What happens when you break a tooth?

A broken tooth can vary in extent from a chip in the enamel to a large area of the tooth breaking away, exposing the dentin and pulp. Since enamel is devoid of blood vessels or nerves, its loss is unlikely to cause pain. However, the tooth may hurt when air reaches exposed dentin and pulp. Over time, the exposed pulp can become infected by bacteria, causing more pain, discolouration to the remaining enamel, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. You may also feel pain from the injury that caused the broken tooth, irrespective of whether the dentin or pulp is exposed. 


What do I do with a broken tooth? 

Breaking a tooth is upsetting, but prompt action and a visit to the dentist will restore your smile and help prevent further deterioration and problems. No matter the causes of broken teeth, it’s essential to visit a dentist immediately or as soon as you can, depending on the severity of the damage.


Treatments for a chipped, fractured or broken tooth

solution treatments teeth broken sydneyIf your tooth has a minor chip or crack, there are several options for fixing it. Depending on its size, it can be cosmetically enhanced with dental bonding. Other options include a filling, veneer or dental crown.  

Cracked or broken teeth should be fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

A root canal or tooth extraction may be necessary in severe cases. A dental crown is the best option when a crack has affected the enamel or dentin. 


What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are protective coverings or caps recommended by dentists for injured teeth. A dental crown is one of our most common restorative treatments because of its versatility. Depending on the causes of broken teeth, a dental crown can differentiate between saving a natural tooth or extracting it.

Dental crowns are the go-to restorative treatment for structural and enamel damage. These issues often cause tooth sensitivity. Once the underlying problem has been fixed with a filling or root canal therapy, the dentist will protect the remaining portion of the tooth with a dental crown

Fortunately, dental crowns are minimally invasive and relatively straightforward. They can be completed in two to three appointments which involve waiting for your custom dental crown to come back from the lab. 

Here at No Gaps Dental, we’re pleased to offer our patients the choice of CEREC dental crowns that can be designed, created, and fitted in a same-day appointment. This convenient procedure avoids the need for a temporary dental crown and return visits. Walk in with a cracked tooth and exit our clinic with a beautiful, natural-looking CEREC crown


Do you have the symptoms of a cracked or broken tooth? 

Why not book an appointment with the experienced dentists at No Gaps Dental or call us on 02 8007 6727. We’re experienced in all aspects of cracked or broken teeth and will be happy to discuss the best restorative treatment for you.





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