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do i need a crown after a root canal sydney

Do I Need a Crown After Root Canal? Know the Pros of the Treatment

A dental crown reinforces and restores a tooth after root canal therapy. Once the root canal treatment on the tooth is complete, a dental crown helps protect and strengthen the tooth. Although tooth reinforcement is needed after all root canal procedures, a dental crown is only required sometimes. This can be confusing for patients who need root canal treatments. Many patients then wonder, “Do I need a crown after a root canal?”

Talk to your dentist about reinforcement options following your root canal treatment to see if dental crowns are the right choice for you. At several No Gaps Dental locations across New South Wales, we can place CEREC crowns on the same day as your root canal treatment


What a Root Canal Treatment Does to Your Mouth?

A root canal treatment weakens the tooth, which is why a dental crown is necessary, especially if your root canal was on a back tooth because these teeth absorb a lot of pressure when chewing or if you grind your teeth.

procedure do i need a crown after a root canal sydneyA tooth that undergoes root canal treatment becomes hollow. Dentists remove the diseased or dead pulp during a root canal, preventing decay and infection from spreading elsewhere in the mouth. The tooth weakens as it ages, making it more prone to fractures. 

A dental crown secures the tooth, so it is strong and functional again.

A crown is often an ideal option for saving the weakened tooth from future decay or cracking.


CEREC Dental Crowns 

Under normal circumstances, receiving a dental crown is a long process that requires multiple dentist visits. With a traditional crown, your dentist takes an impression of your damaged tooth using alginate material. These impressions can be messy and may take several attempts to bite down on the mould to get it right. After your dentist gets an impression they’re satisfied with, it must be sent to a lab for fabrication which can take 2-3 weeks. During this span, your dentist may place a temporary crown to protect the tooth that received a root canal. 

However, with CEREC dental crowns, No Gaps Dental can place your crown on the same day as the root canal treatment using advanced technology. In this process, impressions of your mouth are taken digitally and transferred electronically to the computer, ensuring precise accuracy. Your dentist then uses an on-site milling machine to create a crown that is a perfect fit out of a block of ceramic. The CEREC machine takes only roughly 20 minutes to produce a dental crown, making it possible for you to walk out of your appointment with the final crown in place. 


Do I Need a Crown After Root Canal?

A dental crown is designed to protect teeth from further damage and improve their aesthetic appearance. Although root canal treatment on front teeth may not always require a crown, your back teeth will benefit from one.

The front teeth rarely require dental crowns since they are under less pressure. A dentist can use a composite dental filling instead to repair a visible front tooth seamlessly. However, a dental crown can be fitted to the front tooth if it becomes discoloured because of decay. 

Your back teeth may need a dental crown following a root canal since your bite exerts pressure on the molars. When you bite down hard with the tooth that recently underwent root canal therapy, you may crack it. Without a dental crown, the tooth may eventually break, requiring its extraction and dental implant placement.


The Advantages of a Dental Crown Following Root Canal Treatment

Putting a dental crown on a tooth after root canal treatment increases its longevity. A dental crown can better restore your teeth, protect them against further damage from chewing, and revitalise your smile. 


  • Restore a Weak Tooth

When a tooth becomes weak from a root canal treatment, you must take steps to strengthen it. Your dentist may recommend a dental crown to restore a tooth’s appearance and function. When the integrity of a tooth is compromised, a dental crown provides support.

A dental crown also keeps the fragments of the tooth together. It prevents teeth from breaking apart or chipping over time. 


  • Lessens Tooth Sensitivity

pros do i need a crown after a root canal sydneyYou may experience some sensitivity and mild discomfort after the root canal treatment because of the cleaning process during the procedure. The dentist drills a small hole in your tooth and cleans out your decayed and damaged pulp.

Some of the nerves in your teeth might be more sensitive to cold and heat as a result. A dental crown can protect your tooth after the root canal treatment to reduce sensitivity in the long term. However, keep in mind that you may still experience some sensitivity to temperature fluctuations in the days immediately following the crown placement, but this should lessen over time. 


  • Regain a Natural Looking Smile

After a root canal treatment, a dental crown helps restore the appearance of your smile. A dental crown closely resembles your natural teeth and can transform severely discoloured or greyed teeth into a whiter, more natural-looking shade that blends in with the rest of your smile. When using CEREC dentistry for crowns, your dentist will select a stain for the ceramic that matches your natural tooth colour. 


  • Prevents Infection

A root canal treatment can lead to contamination and infection of your damaged tooth. Sealing your tooth with a dental crown helps prevent penetration and contamination. As a rule, the more precious metal a dental crown contains, the better its fit to your gums, preventing bacteria infiltration. 


Learn More About the Benefits of a Dental Crown 

Let your dentist answer the question, “do I need a crown after a root canal?” If you require a root canal treatment, your dentist may recommend a dental crown to restore your smile and support the damaged tooth. At No Gaps Dental, several of our locations offer CEREC crowns so you can enjoy placement on the same day as your root canal treatment. 

To learn more about how dental crowns can improve the appearance and health of your teeth, contact us today at  (02) 8806 0227



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. 

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