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How Are Dental Crowns Installed? All You Need To Know

Dental crowns are versatile prosthetics used in several dental procedures. A dental crown can strengthen and protect teeth, disguise discoloured, broken or ugly teeth and replace missing teeth. But how are dental crowns installed? To understand what happens during the dental crown procedure, it helps to know a bit about the process for the particular situation the crown is being installed. But firstly, what exactly is a dental crown? 


What are dental crowns?

crowns teeth procedure treatment sydneyA dental crown is a hollow covering or cap that encases the visible portion of the tooth above the gum line.

A dentist can use it in the following ways:

  • Over a tooth to cover disguise discolouration, improve its shape, and conceal damage such as chips and cracks. It can also add strength to fragile teeth that may have been weakened by injury or tooth decay.
  • As part of a bridge to close a gap left by a missing tooth or teeth
  • To top a dental implant and replace a missing tooth


How are dental crowns installed?

How the dental crown procedure is performed depends on why the crown is needed. 


For broken and fragile teeth or to Improve aesthetics

Getting dental crowns usually takes two visits. During the first visit, the dentist will examine the tooth, take an X-ray, and prepare the teeth receiving crowns. A second visit is required to have the permanent crown installed. 

  1. The dentist will prepare your tooth by numbing the area around it. Next, any decay is removed from the tooth, and the top and sides of the tooth are modified to make room for the crown.
  2. Impressions of your teeth are sent to a lab where your crown is custom-made to fit. This usually takes about two weeks, and the dentist may fit a temporary dental crown while you wait for your permanent one.
  3. When the permanent crown is ready, it’s time to come back to have it fitted and checked. The dentist will remove the temporary crown and dry-fit the permanent one, making any adjustments if necessary. The crown is cemented permanently into place with a special light-activated adhesive that bonds the crown securely to your tooth.


Following a root canal procedure

If you have had a root canal, your tooth may be weakened and require strengthening. This dental crown procedure is known as a post crown and involves the insertion of a post into the tooth root before placing the crown. The post provides support as well as helps the crown to stay in place. However, it does mean that a significant amount of tooth enamel may need to be removed.

The post can be custom-made and constructed by a dental technician to fit the exact shape of your root canal, or it can be made from prefabricated stainless steel that the dentist inserts directly into the root canal. Once the post is cemented into position, it is ready to receive the dental crown to complete the procedure.



Replacing missing teeth in a dental bridge

The procedure to fit a dental bridge is a multi-step process that requires 2 to 3 appointments with your dentist, and each appointment lasts about 1 hour.

At the first appointment, the teeth on either side of the tooth gap will be modified to accommodate the dental crowns that support the dental bridge. These teeth will need to be strong and healthy. 

Next, impressions are taken of the teeth and sent to a lab where your dental bridge is made to measure. Your dentist will fit you with a temporary bridge so there’s no gap in your smile until your permanent bridge is ready.

Finally, once your dentist receives the bridge from the lab, you can return to have it installed. The dentist will check it fits and if you are happy with it, cement it securely in place using light-activated adhesive. 


Replacing missing teeth as part of a dental implant

The dental crown procedure is the final part of dental implant treatment.

tooth crowns installation treatment sydneyThis process typically involves making an incision in the gum to fit the crown to the implant that has already been surgically inserted into the jaw in the first part of the procedure.

So, how are dental crowns installed? It varies.

The dental crown procedure may differ depending on what problem your dental crown installation is solving.

What is common in all situations is that the crown is tailor-made, can be coloured to match your other teeth and is a proven method of improving your dental health and the aesthetics of your smile. 


Does having dental crowns installed hurt?

No. You will be given a local anaesthetic to numb your mouth when the tooth is being prepared so you won’t feel a thing, although you may feel a slight discomfort once the anaesthetic wears off. Installing a dental crown only involves cementing the crown to the tooth. 


Do you need a dental crown?

While we have answered the question ‘how are dental crowns installed’, the information relates mainly to conventional crowns. At No Gaps Dental, we also offer CEREC crowns that can be installed in a single dental appointment, so you might want to enquire about those if you need a crown in a hurry.

As you can see, dental crowns are an extremely valuable fixture in a dentist’s arsenal of products. They are cemented in place to provide strength and protection to an existing tooth and provide an excellent cosmetic result to enhance your smile. Furthermore, they can even replace one or more missing teeth, so if you’d like to find out more about any dental crown procedure, get in touch by calling us on (02) 8806 0227 or schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.





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