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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Do you know that although Wisdom Teeth do not serve a big purpose, they are likely to cause problems later?

To assess whether you would benefit from Wisdom Tooth Removal, contact No Gaps Dental today – call our Sydney Dental Clinic at (02) 80076727.

Known as “third molars”, wisdom teeth generally develop in a person between the ages of 17 and 25. Most people develop four wisdom teeth, one at each end of both arches of teeth.

Although some people never develop them, those who do generally develop complications due to the wisdom tooth erupting in an irregular fashion. That is why most dentists would recommend removing them to avoid problems and complications that may arise later.

At No Gaps Dental, we provide a thorough examination and evaluation of your wisdom teeth condition, before assessing whether or not removal is necessary.

To minimise any risks of cross infection, we provide the surgical extraction procedure in a safe and clean clinical environment, adhering to strict clinical protocols including the use of “one-time-only” disposables and sanitised instruments. The Wisdom Tooth Removal procedure generally involves the application of either local or general anaesthetic. Depending on your individual condition and complexity of procedure, the entire treatment can typically be completed in a single dental visit.

To find out how you can remove your Wisdom Tooth in a safe and effective way, contact No Gaps Dental today – call our Sydney Dental Clinic at (02) 80076727.

Why should I remove my Wisdom Tooth?

Not all Wisdom Teeth need to be removed. That being the case, wisdom teeth can cause many problems when they become impacted. An Impacted Wisdom Tooth refers to the tooth that: (1) Fails to fully emerge; (2) Erupts at an improper angle; or (3) Is completely stuck beneath the gums.

You don’t have to wait until pain or discomfort sets in before you go for an oral examination. Only with a proper evaluation at the dentist’s office can you determine whether you are getting your wisdom teeth and if they are impacted in any way.

The dentist, often with the help of x-rays, would be in the best position to assess whether the eruption of your wisdom teeth is normal. You would be advised to extract the impacted tooth if it is emerging at an angle that may obstruct or push against other teeth. Just as problematic, the tooth may be partially erupted through the skin of the gums. The partially protruded skin may leave a flap of gum tissue that makes it susceptible to bacteria build-up. Left unchecked, the partially impacted tooth can lead to infections, cysts and even bone damage.

Is it advisable to remove my Wisdom Tooth early?

There’s an important reason why many dentists suggest removing your Wisdom Teeth as early as possible: As you get older, they become more difficult to remove.

As you advance in age, the bone around your wisdom tooth becomes denser, and the roots grow deeper. As such, the wisdom tooth removal process also becomes more complex and difficult, while generally taking a longer time to heal.

In order to avoid more complex surgical removal procedures in the future – especially for impacted wisdom teeth in the lower jaw – many people prefer to have their wisdom teeth removed while still in their 20s or early 30s.

Not sure if you will benefit from Wisdom Teeth Removal? Contact No Gaps Dental today for an evaluation – call our Sydney Dental Clinic at (02) 80076727.

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