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Dental Crown and Bridge – What’s The Better Option?

When you have a badly decayed tooth that needs support or missing teeth that need replacement, two options that immediately spring to mind are a dental crown and a bridge. While essentially both treatments are quite different, there is a close connection between them and often they work together when a patient is looking for an alternative to a denture. 

Dental crowns and bridges have come on in leaps and bounds since they were first developed. These fixed appliances help patients restore their smile by replacing missing teeth or fixing teeth that are chipped or broken. They can also improve the quality of life for patients struggling to bite and chew their food after changes to their teeth over the years. 


So what is a dental crown and a bridge?

difference dental crown and bridge sydneyBoth a crown and a dental bridge are prosthetics that protect or replace, damaged and missing teeth.

Unlike dentures that are designed to be removed, dental crowns and bridges are fitted onto the teeth and can only be removed by our dentist.

Not only does this ensure a more accurate fit, but unlike dentures, they won’t move or shift which makes them a more comfortable option. 


Understanding dental crowns

A dental crown covers or ‘caps’ a damaged tooth from the top down – in other words, the visible part of the tooth that is seen when you smile. In many cases, they’re made from porcelain which has a similar translucency to tooth enamel and gives a natural-looking appearance. The crown is fitted over the tooth to enhance its aesthetics, provide strength, and restore the functionality it had before. Our exquisite dental crowns are so life-like that most people will never know that you have one. 

Your dentist may recommend a dental crown if you have a large area of decay or if your tooth has lost so much of its structure that a filling is unlikely to stay in place. Dental crowns are also used to:

  • Restore a tooth that is already broken or badly worn down
  • Cover teeth that are badly stained or misshapen
  • Make cosmetic modifications
  • Strengthen a tooth left weakened following root canal treatment
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Secure a dental bridge 

When you’re getting a crown, the experienced dentists at No Gaps Dental take the time to carefully match the porcelain to the shade and appearance of your existing teeth so that it fits in seamlessly

We also utilise the latest technologies to ensure that it fits properly and is correctly positioned to ensure its strength and durability.

So that’s all you need to know for now about a dental crown, Now, let’s take a closer look at a bridge. 


What is a dental bridge?

A bridge can be used by our dentists to fill a gap in the smile left by missing teeth. In simple terms, a dental bridge is a row of teeth that ‘bridge’ the gap where once there were teeth. The bridge is attached either to adjacent teeth positioned on either side of the gap or to dental implants.

Now, do you remember that we mentioned earlier that crowns and a dental bridge can work together as an alternative to a denture? 


This is how it works…

To secure the dental bridge, it’s fitted to two dental crowns that are placed over the abutment teeth at either end of the tooth gap. This involves removing some tooth enamel to accommodate the crowns. 

The false teeth that make up the bridge are fused together and attached to the crowns to create a sleek and streamlined appliance. Since both the teeth and the crowns are crafted from porcelain, the result is a flawless beautiful smile.


There’s something more to know about our dental crowns


We do things differently

Traditionally, dental crowns have involved at least two dental visits with several weeks of waiting in between.

facts dental crown and bridge sydney

One to prepare the teeth and make a mould to create the crown from and another to attach the crown. But that’s not what happens with us. 

We offer patients the convenience of single-visit advanced CEREC crown technology. This way, you don’t need to wear a temporary crown or come back for a second visit.

This innovative system utilises digital imaging to design, mill and install your crown quickly while you wait. 


Taking care of your dental crown and bridge 

Crowns and bridges can last for 15 years and longer provided you take good care of them. You do need to brush and floss daily as well as visit your dentist for regular check-ups, as you should your natural teeth. 


Don’t put off seeing if a dental crown or bridge will bring back your smile

You shouldn’t have to put up with the discomfort or embarrassment of missing or broken teeth. Our experienced dental teams can restore your smile and transform your quality of life with our knowledge, technology and expertise. When it comes to dental crowns and bridges or other methods of tooth replacement, we’re here to help and answer your questions. Together, we can discuss the best treatment options to meet your dental needs, smile goal, and budget. 


Why not schedule a consultation with a No Gaps dentist near you. We have 15 clinics scattered over the Sydney metro area all providing high-quality affordable dentistry for you and your family. Call us now on (02) 8806 0227.

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