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Dental Sealants for Kids

Do you know that Fissure Sealants can help your child to fight tooth decay?

No Gaps Dental offers the amazing benefits of this modern cavity-fighting weapon. For more information, call No Gaps Dental to book a consultation today at (02) 80076727.

The main oral habits that help your children to prevent tooth decay and gum disease include routine brushing and flossing as well as regular dental visits. Apart from these critically important oral care activities, you can also rely on newer forms of preventative treatments such as the highly effective Fissure Sealants.

Fissure Sealants is an emerging dental technique that many dentists are recommending for young patients, especially those who are prone to dental caries. Typically applied to permanent teeth following the eruption of permanent molars, dental sealants help to fortify your child’s teeth against the risks of dental decay.

At No Gaps Dental, we can help to assess your child’s suitability for dental sealants during a regular oral examination. Since the second molars normally erupt around the age of 12, this is a favourable time to assess sealant application – although fissure sealants may be applied from six onwards through to early teens.

Our dental sealants come in different shades including white, tinted and clear – all of which are virtually impossible to detect in the mouth.

To make sure your child enjoys all the preventative benefits of Fissure Sealants, book an appointment with one of our kid-friendly Sydney dentists – call our Sydney dental clinic at (02) 80076727.

What are Fissure Sealants?

They are thin plastic coatings that are applied to the chewing surfaces – also known as pits and fissures – of a tooth to protect against tooth decay. Sealants help to keep bacteria and food debris away from the grooves in the chewing surfaces, thereby helping to protect them against tooth decay.

Initially applied in liquid form, the sealant flows into the pits and fissures of the teeth’s chewing surfaces. They are then hardened to become plastic coatings using a dental curing light. Dental sealants are commonly used on the back teeth or second molars, where decay frequently occurs.

The treatment works effectively on children as well as adults. It involves a simple and pain-free procedure – no drilling or removal of tooth structure is necessary. Fissure sealants form an invisible layer of protection around the tooth without introducing bulk or discomfort to the patient.

Although the entire process takes only a few minutes per tooth, the sealants in hardened form can withstand the daily rigours of chewing and biting. As long as the sealants are in place, your child’s permanent molars are no longer exposed to the risks of tooth decay.

What does the sealant application involve?

The procedure begins with a cleaning session, following which a special type of gel is applied on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The dentist would then rinse and dry the teeth before applying the fissure sealant. Finally, a high intensity curing light is used to harden the fissure sealant into a plastic coating. It takes a few minutes for each tooth to set. Once it does, the invisible cover immediately springs into action to offer round-the-clock protection against dental caries and cavities.

Despite the immense benefits, Fissure Sealants should never be seen as a replacement for regular brushing, flossing or dental visits. Nonetheless, they provide an easy and fuss-free method to fight against the dreaded tooth decay.

Book your child’s fissure sealants from No Gaps Dental

Fissure sealants are a simple, non-intrusive, pain-free procedure minus the tooth drilling or removal of tooth structure to protect your tooth from the risk of tooth decay. If your child is already experiencing signs of tooth decay, has a tooth cavity, suffers from worn, chipped, cracked or broken teeth or needs to close space between teeth, they may require a dental filling.

Wondering if dental fillings hurt? Rest assured that dental fillings are a safe and effective treatment method, and your child will feel little to no discomfort. It’s common to experience tooth sensitivity after a filling, but this will be resolved after a few days, and the tenderness is usually mild. You should call your dentist immediately if your child experiences more severe symptoms like fever, redness or swelling. Many variables can determine the cost of a tooth filling in Australia — our dentist will be happy to discuss this with you in your child’s initial consultation.

For more information on fissure sealants and other children’s dental services, call our friendly No Gaps Dental team at (02) 8069 9750.

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