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Orthodontics in Sydney

At No Gaps Dental, we are proud to provide orthodontics in our practices. Committed to achieving that perfect smile, our highly experienced team of professional orthodontists are capable of evening and straightening any smile they come across, using a range of different techniques.

Available to both the young and the not-so-young, No Gaps Dental knows the numerous benefits involved in straightening your teeth. Teeth that align properly don’t wear as badly, and are less likely to provide issues down the road. They result in fewer gaps between the teeth, which can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria, leading to cavities and gum issues. And even teeth stay strong for longer, and are easier to maintain.

As well, our new Clear Correct treatment is capable of straightening and evening out your teeth, with considerably more subtlety than was previously available. These clear plastic aligners don’t stand out, and allows you to correct your smile without advertising it to your friends or co-workers.

At No Gaps Dental, we provide orthodontics treatments that can revolutionise your smile. Contact us today, and we can tailor a treatment method to suit you.

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